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My Hobby Essay -- essays research papers

MY SPECIAL HOBBY      Practically every individual has their own leisure activity; regardless of whether it‘s a game, gathering certain things, or something one takes as much time as is needed rehearsing. By and by, I never thought I at any point had an interest. Truly I wasn’t even sure what an interest really was. At that point I got to deduction and I at last understood that my leisure activity was moving. Indeed, I realize that to certain individuals moving isn't viewed as a genuine side interest; however as far as I can tell, in the event that I appreciate moving and invest my valuable energy doing it, at that point I reserve each privilege to think about it as my unique leisure activity.      As far as I can recollect about my youth, I have consistently wanted to move. Moving was only my thing. I went to expressive dance classes when I was five years of age. I would gain proficiency with the schedules so rapidly that the teacher would once in a while request that I assist her with showing different understudies. The best piece of being in expressive dance was going to the artful dance presentations. That was the point at which every one of us let ourselves sparkle before our loved ones. I generally believed that the group was keeping a close eye on me and thinking, â€Å"Wow, that young lady moves so gracefully.† Just reasoning that made me invest significantly more energy to be as well as could be expected. I would rehearse each day after school and just before sleep time, as well. It didn’t considerably matter to me if there was no music playing, I simply continued moving. Turning into a popular artist was one of my most noteworthy youth dreams. I accepted that one-day I would get the chan...

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Artist Statement On Nature Essay Example For Students

Craftsman Statement On Nature Essay I realize its banality to state, Im roused ordinarily, yet I am. More than its unceasing nearness, a thing a lot more noteworthy than I making both obliteration and excellence. In death and demolition, brings new life. The unceasing resurrection of ourselves. The normal sense to endure realizing that demise is inevitable, however continually glancing forward in passing what we can to the people to come. Normal intuition flourishing among all even in the most urban situations. I am roused by the rot and continue. The excellence in death, the sustenance forever. I realize demise brings bitterness, obscurity. Be that as it may, as a people we stay together, help out, and ensure the ones who have lost. Isnt that excellent? Our instrument for continuing. I am roused by creatures and their impulses all created over some undefined time frame to assist them with surviving in their condition. I am a creature, I am not hesitant to bite the dust. My adoration for nature develops a lot further in science, cells, and life systems. The human structure is consistently my subject for question. It astounds me that we are worked as machines, but then we feel. The human touch, the ebb and flow of a hip, or a bust but then we are machine. I have a gratefulness for excellence, and Mother Nature is excellent. In any case, yet I am so straightforward, exhausting. I carry on with a dull and commonplace life in a daily schedule and I am content with that. I watch out at the world as a watcher, not taking an interest yet continually carrying on with a real existence outwardly. I am in my own reality, however I acknowledge and see everything. Not that I dont let individuals in, its that I am exceptionally select. My they are the individuals I hold dearest to me, I confide in them uncertainly. I am infatuated. My life isnt loaded with haziness, yet I do adore its unceasing uncovering. I make work in highly contrasting for my 2d practice, as I like to see things basically. Shading consistently loses center, yet I am not spotless cut. Missteps occur. I am content with that however is that since I am lethargic? My 2d practice is enlivened the normal; yet not all that regular. The variations from the norm that happen as common, however are not acknowledge in the regular standard. I like to think I am a variation from the norm, a weirdo among an ocean of conventionalists. In any case, I am lethargic like lion's share. My work is propelled by any semblance of Luke Dixon, Alex Pardee, James Jean, their works slender line between the genuine and the outrageous. The wonderful and the disturbing. As a craftsman I am attempting to show the world through my eyes, the somber, cold and dull and the lights differentiate. For my 3d practice I go to the more carnal side of materials, the crude materials and the old strategies. I like to fiddle with embroidery, a memorable technique for picture making. I am roused by the regular and the loss in my materials work and I like to utilize a difference of things that can rot and can't. Its interminable life. I am enthusiastic in the hover of life and waste doesnt help later on, that is the reason I like to utilize reused protests in my work. To give everything a reason, with my fabricate, destroy, revamp. My view of things to come is a supported one, and I should do my part in bringing issues to light for its resurrection. For this I look to the motivation from Donya Coward, taxidermy and crafted by Frederique Morrel that make a feeling of a different universe with their work. A feeling of imagination that I wish to make with mine.

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Diabetes Mellitus-Shared Care Model and ICT Free Essays

string(129) by reduced affectability of target tissues to the metabolic impacts of insulin, a condition alluded to as insulin resistance. The world is quick changing: the pace of occasions is monstrous. The clearly enormous world is contracting into a worldwide town as vote based system spreads, western civic establishments infringe on different human advancements and globalization turns into a family unit idea. Innovative headways and enhancements in the data and correspondence innovation have debased all circles of human undertaking. We will compose a custom paper test on Diabetes Mellitus-Shared Care Model and ICT or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now While this is occurring on one hand, medicinal services conveyance has not improved altogether. Numerous patients and customers grumble of the absence of coordination in the wellbeing area: they are unsettled about the diminished utility got from social insurance office they disparage. There is a developing decrease in number of skilled staff just as lacking asset for the wellbeing division. These variables have made it important to assess the effect of data and correspondence innovation on social insurance administration. This need has gotten increasingly significant for constant infection where cooperation between social insurance specialist organizations is significant. What's more, with expanding frequency of constant ailments and their specialist confusions, this need can't be overemphasized. Also, the expense of dealing with a portion of the interminable infections, for instance diabetes, epilepsy and seizure issue, with the conventional strategy is sensibly high. The possibility ICT brings is improved nature of care because of joint effort between medicinal services laborers through a far reaching shared consideration framework enough fueled by ICT arrangements and decreased by and large expense for the administration of ceaseless illnesses like diabetes. In this paper, diabetes is the center constant illness. I will endeavor to assess the prerequisites for an Irish ICT framework to gracefully the model of shared consideration. In any case, a concise audit of diabetes mellitus and shared consideration will be attempted to disentangle regions of center for ICT intercession. Diabetes mellitus: Review Diabetes mellitus is a condition of ceaseless hyperglycemia because of relative or outright insulin inadequacy, opposition or both. It influences over 100million individuals around the world. Diabetes is typically irreversible, and patients can have a sensibly ordinary way of life; anyway its later difficulties which incorporate macrovascular ailment lead to expanded danger of create coronary conduit sickness, fringe vascular opposition; and microvascular confusions, for example, diabetic nephropathy, retinopathy and neuropathy. In a typical individual, the blood glucose fixation is barely controlled so as to forestall the staggering confusions that may follow diminished or expanded blood glucose focus. This ordinary glucose level is 80-90mg/100ml or 3. 5-5. 0mmol/l. This focus typically expanded to 120-140mg/100ml during the main hour after a glucose feast. The criticism instrument of the body is made aware of decrease this level to average levels by the body by the change of glucose to glycogen for capacity under hormonal impact especially insulin. Be that as it may, in the fasting state, glucose is delivered from glycogen and different substrates and discharged into the blood to keep up the blood glucose fixation. The different components for accomplishing this degree of glucose control are because of hormonal impact, the exercises of organs, for example, liver, skeletal muscle and the specific glucose focus. The liver is a significant metabolic organ that is significant in the blood glucose support framework: this is finished by the capacity of glycogen shaped from glucose affected by insulin, a hormone delivered by the pancreas, in the liver. It likewise discharges glucose into the blood in the fasting state. Insulin and glucagon work as significant input control frameworks for keeping up an ordinary blood glucose focus. At the point when the glucose fixation ascends excessively high, insulin is emitted from the Islet cells of Langerhans, the endocrine part of the pancreas; the insulin thusly causes the blood glucose focus to diminish toward ordinary. On the other hand a lessening in blood glucose focus invigorates glucagon discharge; the glucagon at that point capacities the other way to build the glucose fixation toward typical. Under most ordinary conditions, the insulin criticism system is considerably more significant than the glucagon instrument, however in occurrences of starvation or unnecessary use of glucose during exercise and other unpleasant circumstances, the glucagon component additionally gets important. Diabetes mellitus is a disorder of debilitated sugar, fat and protein digestion brought about by either absence of insulin emission or diminished affectability of the tissues to insulin. It could be essential or auxiliary; essential diabetes is intrinsic while optional diabetes can be because of Cushing condition, pheochromocytoma, cystic fibrosis, interminable pancreatitis, ailing health related pancreatic sickness, pancreatectomy, and inherited hemochromatosis, carcinoma of the pancreas, thiazide diuretic use, corticosteroid treatment, atypical antipsychotics, inborn lipodystrophy and acromegaly. There are two general sorts of diabetes mellitus: Type I diabetes additionally called insulin-subordinate diabetes mellitus [IDDM]; this is brought about by absence of insulin emission. Type II diabetes, likewise called non-insulin subordinate diabetes mellitus [NIDDM] is brought about by diminished affectability of target tissues to the metabolic impact of insulin. This diminished affectability to insulin is frequently alluded to as insulin-obstruction. The essential impact of insulin need or insulin opposition on glucose digestion is to forestall the proficient take-up and use of glucose by most cells of the body, aside from those of the mind. Therefore, blood glucose focus builds, cell use of glucose falls progressively lower and usage of fats and proteins increments. Injury to the beta cells of the pancreas or illnesses that weaken insulin creation can prompt sort I diabetes. IDDM is invulnerable interceded and has been related with other immune system conditions like malevolent pallor, alopecia areata and Hashimoto malady. Viral contaminations or immune system issue might be engaged with the annihilation of beta cells in numerous patients with type I diabetes, in spite of the fact that heredity likewise assumes a significant job in deciding the helplessness of the beta cells to devastation by these affront. HLA-DR3 or DR4 is found in over 90% of patients. In certain occurrences, there might be an inherited inclination for beta cell degeneration even without viral diseases or immune system issue. The typical beginning of type I diabetes happens is under 30 years; this is the reason it is called adolescent beginning diabetes mellitus. Type II diabetes mellitus is brought about by lessened affectability of target tissues to the metabolic impacts of insulin, a condition alluded to as insulin opposition. You read Diabetes Mellitus-Shared Care Model and ICT in classification Papers This condition, similar to Type I diabetes mellitus is related with different metabolic irregularities albeit significant levels of keto-acids are typically not present in type II diabetes mellitus. Type II diabetes mellitus is unmistakably progressively normal that type I, representing 80-90% of all instances of diabetes mellitus. In the greater part of these cases, the beginning of type II diabetes mellitus happens after age 40. There is normally no resistant unsettling influence. Thusly, this condition is frequently alluded to as grown-up beginning diabetes mellitus. Patients with diabetes present with intense signs which incorporate polyuria, polydipsia, weight reduction and ketonuria; they likewise present with subacute side effects like laziness, diminished exercise resilience, vulvar pruritus, and visual unsettling influence. They likewise could likewise give a portion of the confusions of the infection, for example, staphylococcal malady, retinopathy, polyneuropathy, erectile brokenness and fringe neuropathy. Examinations that are fundamental in the conclusion of diabetes mellitus incorporate fasting plasma glucose 7. 0mmol/l, arbitrary plasma glucose 11. 1mmol/l; routine examinations incorporate urinalysis for protein and CH3)2CO, full blood tally, urea and electrolytes, liver natural chemistry and irregular lipids. The board of diabetes mellitus: road for shared consideration The administration of diabetes required network support and patient instruction. The significance of glycemic control in the administration of diabetic patient can't be overemphasized: patient should satisfactorily comprehend the great result related with great glycemic control, the suggestion and associative inconveniences that may result from poor plasma control. This is simply the center administration of diabetes. Patient ought to likewise know the dietary prerequisite and agree to/hold fast to sedate use. Other than this self-care, network care is extremely fundamental as this comprises family and general professional consideration. There is observing of patient’s consistence to prescriptions and dietary guidance. Basically, the administration of diabetes is multidisciplinary: dieticians, cardiologist, ophthalmologists, nervous system specialists, inside medication doctors, endocrine specialists. There is developing need to incorporate this scope of specialists. Metabolic control of diabetes can be tried by pee tests, home blood glucose testing and glycosylated hemoglobin. Pee tests are conveyed utilizing dipsticks these strategies are basic and give a decent input on the blood glucose control. Patients can likewise be shown finger-prick and use blood glucose observing gadget to gauge blood glucose. They would then be able to connect with authority through proper correspondence office for mechanized booking and medicine. Epidemiologically, there are 200,000 people in Ireland with diabetes; this figure speaks to 3-5% of western populaces. It is assessed to twofold by 2010. It devours 10% of all out wellbeing budg

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No Smoking in Burkeville Texas - 275 Words

No Smoking in Burkeville Texas (Essay Sample) Content: No Smoking in Burkeville TexasNameInstitutionRole of the Health Educator in Smoking Control Smoking is a very major issue in most countries in the world today. This is because the menace has been a thorn in the flesh to many development programs in these countries as a result of the loss of lives due to this habit by most individuals. Every health worker has a role play in the plight to find ways that are important in the management of the smoking and tobacco use in most economies. The smoking of tobacco inflicts a lot of burden in the health care program of most countries (Ojeda, 2002). This problem thus needs three major avenues that could be used in order to help reduce the whole saga in the health sector. These are the prevention, cessation and the protection strategies. The prevention strategies take the ways that would aim at the availability of information that would be important in the stopping of any new cases of smoking that may rise from the community. The cessation program aims at the ways of preventing further use of the tobacco by those that are already in the practice in one way or the other. Finally, the protection laws aims at protecting the individuals in the society who are non smokers yet could be affected by the smokers in the society (Ojeda, 2002). As a result of the above, health educators have some roles to play in the control of tobacco smoking in most communities. These include the education programs that are aimed at instilling the strategies that would help in the cessation of the practice of tobacco smoking. They are also responsible for the provision of the professional development programs for the health care providers in...

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World War I And II - 1057 Words

Two of the most agonizing periods in the 20th century, World War I and II, left a lasting impact on society economically, politically, and socially. As we have read in detailed archives on both world catastrophes, the nature in which violence shaped society after the war varied greatly. Ernst Jà ¼nger in Storm of Steel shares his heroic memoirs from fighting on the German front in World War I. Art Spiegelman tells the very personal and emotional story of his father, a survivor of World War II’s Holocaust. Throughout the war, Ernst reminds us of his heroism and his withstanding sacrifice, up until he is badly injured and no longer able to fight. Ernst is proud of his achievements in the war, and shares his book with the world so that we can admire his heroism. Where as Art Spiegelman’s parent’s, lived on after the Holocaust depressed—Art’s mother committed suicide 23 years after the war! After reading these two accounts, the biggest difference bet ween World War I and World War II, was how society reacted to the violence and harsh conditions enforced upon them. Civilians after World War I persevered their struggles to counteract the destruction that impeded their nation’s growth. On the other hand, Civilians of World War II were left in a state turmoil. With the formation of alliances fifty years prior to the start of the war, the enhancement of arsenal, and the preparation of combat tactics, World War I was a proverbial ticking-time bomb ready to detonate. Beginning in theShow MoreRelatedWorld War I and World War II700 Words   |  3 PagesMany people know about World War I and World War II seeing that they are a couple of the world’s most famous wars. Have you ever wondered how much you really know? This paper is here to inform you of all of the propaganda used to persuade people to follow Hitler, the Nazi party, and Stalin, terms that were used during this time period, and some of the very important people involved in World War I and in World War II. In the heat of World War I there were two groups, the Allies and the Central PowersRead MoreWar I And World War II919 Words   |  4 Pageshistorians debate rather World War I and World War II were two different parts to the same war or if they are separate and distinct wars. Even though World War I and World War II were very different wars, and there were many years in between the two, the outcomes of World War I caused for World War II to happen because of unresolved issues. World War II is a continuation of World War I. World War I lasted four years and was the first total war in history. Before World War I Europe was doing well theyRead MoreThe War I And World War II1660 Words   |  7 Pagesin thehistory of the world were World War I and World War II. World War I occurred from 1914 to 1918. World War I was caused by militarism, alliances, nationalism, imperialism and assassination (MANIA). The first four causations were more of a build-up to it. Then, once the Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, the buildup was sparked. This can be compared to pouring gasoline on the ground and then lighting it on fire. World War II occurred from 1939 to 1945.World War II was caused by the discontentRead MoreWar I And World War II1517 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout history the United States has been involved in many different wars. Their involvement has brought forth many significant events and changes that have affected the American way of life. I will briefly discuss the events and the United States involvement in World War I and World War II. I will give a brief overview of both wars and explain exactly how and why the United States joined in each. The term First World War was first used in 1914 by Ernst Haeckel, who stated that, there is noRead MoreWorld War I And II1389 Words   |  6 PagesIn 1914 World War I broke out and not too long after World War II followed. This conflict led countries against each other and in contrast brought them together. New developments and changes occurred following this war just as they did previous ones. The world is constantly altering itself and wars help speed this up by following with advancements in technology, philosophy, and literature. Change resulting from WWI was either frowned upon or embraced and new forms of expression arose within art,Read MoreThe War I And World War II1191 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction During World War I and World War II life back home changed excessively. When the soldiers went to fight in World War 1 and World War 2, women and children had to replace men in the workforce. There was an increase in those affected by the trauma of the wars, and the birth-rates dropped during this time. Family Families were affected by the trauma and exposure of the war, causing mental illnesses such as depression. Young children had been exposed to the trauma of war. A great deal of pressureRead MoreThe War I And World War II944 Words   |  4 PagesFrom piles of bodies in no man’s land to Jewish death camps, the level of violence found within World War I and World War II was extreme even for wartime standards. These experiences shaped generations to come through the memories passed on by those who lived through such atrocities. Both Ernst Junger and Art Spiegelman carry on these memories through the book Storm of Steel and graphic novel Maus. Their pieces both give glimpses into the lives of the past and the violence in which those individualsRead MoreWorld War I And The War II1518 Words   |  7 PagesWorld War II was a war that ended in much tragedy. There were over 60 million casualties. Throughout World War II there was how it started, the Nazi Regime, and some of the major battles. Much of the war was about the Germans bringing together a group of people called the Nazis. They were under the rule of Adolf Hitler. There were two groups fighting against each other: the Axis powers and the Allied powers. The Axis powers consisted of Japan, Italy, and Germany. The Allied powers were GreatRead MoreWar I And World War II771 Words   |  4 Pagessought to stay out of both World War I and World War II only to be pulled in by intense happenings that inflicted chaos on the nations people. World War II would be a time in American history that would bring many fresh war tactics and developments, that helped to pull a depraved nation from the depths of a depression as well as pledge the freedom and prosperity of its opposing nations. Dangerous discoveries will be made in the world would be left to be governed by two world powers. Hoping to remainRead MoreWar I And World War II1264 Words   |  6 Pages During any war, there will alwaAys be alliances made which stick even after the war has been dissolved. Postwar foreign policy after wars such as World War I and World War II was complicated and both had their similarities and differences from each other. World War I (WWI) strengthened our international relations with many countries, It also deteriorated some relations as well and set the stage for America becoming a great power. World War II (WWII) had some of the same effects, solidating our

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Francis Ford Coppola, The Visionary Director Of The...

Francis Ford Coppola is the visionary director of the Godfather. He is credited with transforming the entire cinema industry. Joss Whedon is the not so visionary director of Avengers Age of Ultron. Whedon recently compared himself to Coppola when he said: â€Å"I tried to make age of Ultron in a similar style to Godfather. The mix of action and drama has a perfect balance I want to strike in my film.† Well I can tell you now Joss that you failed. Cutting every 2 seconds so the audience doesn’t notice the CGI in no way compares to Coppola’s subtlety and tension. If Joss Whedon is the new Francis Ford Coppola, then the movie industry must be in major trouble right? Wrong, in fact it is booming. And bad directors like Joss Whedon are not just making terrible films. They are polluting our cinemas with rip offs, remakes and reboots. Hollywood no longer seems to care about making good movies. They are money driven, bloated and stale. We need to demand more of the movie industry to stop it churning out these unoriginal films. Disney is the biggest film studio in the world in terms of market share. Disney’s latest 5 films are Star Wars VII, The Jungle Book, Finding Dory, Tarzan and Beauty and the Beast. That is 3 remakes and two sequels. But why is this? Drive directed by Nicolas Refn, is an incredibly highly rated film that received 92% on rotten tomatoes and 100% on rolling stone made 30 million dollars profit. Drive was praised for its unique atmosphere, original directing styleShow MoreRelatedThe Invisible Woman: Female Directors in Hollywood2710 Words   |  11 PagesMainstream Hollywood In Louis Gianetti’s 546-page popular film studies textbook, Understanding Movies, he devotes 7 pages to feminist film perspective and the female director. Three of these seven pages are devoted primarily to pictures, rather than content. Gianetti explains to his readers that, â€Å"Today there are about two dozen women directors working in the mainstream Hollywood film industry†¦the range of female roles has broadened considerably since the 1960s† (432). Gianetti presents this number asRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 Pagesancillaries, including electronic and print components, may not be available to customers outside the United States. This book is printed on acid-free paper. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 WVR/WVR 0 9 8 7 ISBN 978-0-07-340334-2 MHID 0-07-340334-2 Editorial director: Stewart Mattson Publisher: Tim Vertovec Executive editor: Richard T. Hercher, Jr. Developmental editor: Gail Korosa Associate marketing manager: Jaime Halterman Project manager : Harvey Yep Production supervisor: Carol Bielski Designer: Mary Kazak

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Problems Affecting Agriculture free essay sample

The researcher’s goal is to highlight how the absent of a good marketing facility is a huge problems to the farmers in Old Road. Having a marketing facility really plays an important role for the farmers to get their products sold. It’s illegal to sell on the side of the road, but farmers are forced to break the law. All products are not always sold and small farmers sometimes can’t afford to store left over products and they spoil. Due to crops not being sold farmers are making a loss instead of a profit. The cost of travelling to another village or town would be very expensive for the farmers and will also create a loss. The aim of this project is to show how marketing is a huge problem in the community of Old Road and how it can be solved with the help of the government and other local organizations. We will write a custom essay sample on Problems Affecting Agriculture or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page At the end of this project you the reader will see how the lack of proper marketing facilities affects the farmers of Old Road and how big role marketing plays in the agriculture field. (2) Literature Review Marketing is the link between production and consumption. It incorporates several activities in a co-ordinate way to promote the flow of goods and services from the point of production until they finally reach the consumer according to Agricultural Science for CSEC Examination written by Ronald Ramharacksingh. Marketing is the business function that identifies unfulfilled needs and wants, defines and measures their magnitude, determines which target market the organization can best serve, decides on the appropriate products, pricing and promotion and distribution programs to serve these markets to develop a market orientation. From a societal point of view, marketing is the link between a society’s material requirements and its economic patterns of response. Marketing satisfy these needs and wants through exchange processes and building long term relationships. The process of communicating the value of a product or service through positioning to customers. Marketing can be looked at as an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, delivering and communicating value to customers, and managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its shareholders. Marketing is the science of choosing target markets through market analysis and market segmentation, as well as understanding consumer buying behavior and providing superior customer value. There are five competing concepts under which organizations can choose to operate their business; the production (3) concept, the product concept, the selling concept, the marketing concept, and the holistic marketing concept. The four components of holistic marketing are relationship marketing, internal marketing, integrated marketing, and socially responsive marketing. The set of engagements necessary for successful marketing management includes, capturing marketing insights, connecting with customers, building strong brands, shaping the market offerings, delivering and communicating value, creating long-term growth, and developing marketing strategies and plans. Marketing plays a very important role in the agriculture department and the lively hood of men, marketing is a big problem affecting the community of Old Road. The lack of marketing facility forces the farmers to break the law by selling on the side of the streets; most farmers don’t have access to vehicles to mobiles their farming business. Farmers in Old Road are forced to either break the law which forces farmers to pay fees for breaking the law or travel to other communities with proper marketing facilities which is also experience to hire transportation. (4) Methodology The researcher will use questionnaires and distribute them to the local farmers of Old Road. Old Road consists of over 20 farmers who solely depend on farming for their income. From the 20 farmers listed in Old Road the researcher will give the questionnaires to about 12 farmers. The questionnaires consist of 10 close answer questions and two open answer questions. This method is most appropriate way of gathering information and saving time. It will be more convenient to collect the data analysis and will be easily analyzed. (5) Results Figure 1: A pie chart showing the response to the question is marketing a problem The diagram above is showing the percentage of farmers who have or don’t have a problem with marketing facilities in Old Road. Questionnaires were distributed to twelve (12) farmers, after conducting the investigation the results showed that only 17% of the farmers did not have a problem with the lack of marketing facilities. But on the hand the other 83% did have a huge problem with the lack marketing facilities in the community. (6) Figure 2: A doughnut showing the results of who wanted a marketing facility The diagram above is showing the percentage of farmers who wanted a marketing facility built in the community. Most of the farmers (92%) wanted a marketing facility built in their community and 8% didn’t want a marketing facility built in their community. The information above is showing that more than half of the farmers in the Old Road were suffering from the lack of marketing facilities. 7) Figure 3: An area showing the amount of complaints about the lack of marketing facility The diagram above is showing the amount of farmers who did and did not complaint about the lack of marketing facility in the community. Nine (9) of the farmers who were given questionnaires admitted that they have complaint about the lack of marketing facility in their community. The other three (3) have never complai nt about the lack of marketing facility, this again shows that most of the farmers are affected by the lack of marketing facilities in their community. (8) Data Analyze This investigation revealed that the lack of marketing facility is a huge problem affecting farmers in Old Road. Twelve (12) famers were given questionnaires to answer and more than 70% of them are really being affected. They are really being affected because most of them depend solely on farming for their income. The others are more fortunate because they have transportation and others resources for selling their products easier. Also, 92% of the farmers argued that they wanted a marketing facility built to accommodate those who are not so fortunate. The investigation also showed that most of the farmers were over 25 who could not travel far. The investigation also revealed that most of the farmers complaint about the lack of marketing facility in their community. Seventy-five (75%) of the farmers admitted that they have complaint about the lack of marketing facility. The other 25% have never complaint about the lack of marketing facility revealed that it was costly and it needed to stop. (9) Discussion The lack of marketing facility has a negative or bad impact on the farmers of Old Road and other communities without a market. Farmers are making a loss by spending money for transportation and more and also because all of their crops are not being sold. Government officials should put funds in place to build or construct a marketing facility in the community of Old Road. Not having a marketing facility is making it hard for farmers to make a living. Also, other members of the community should help and support the local farmers in the community. By providing free transportation and buying their products. (10) Conclusion